SuperKnova "Splendor Dysphoria" [SOLD OUT]

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SuperKnova "Splendor Dysphoria" [SOLD OUT]

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Pink cassette! Strawberry scented!

SuperKnova is a Chicago-based transgender artist who creates Queer Pop, a guitar-based sound that incorporates electronic drums, driving synths, and virtuosic solos. They write about identity, sex, queerness and the struggle of being your authentic self.

"Producing sultry pop with a hip-hop backdrop, Chicago-based SuperKnova masters lusty vocals that are both biting and sweet."
-- Gold Flake Paint

"In an age where music — and the musicians creating it — is increasingly insubstantial, SuperKnova, the recent musical project of multi-instrumentalist Ellie Kim, is like a breath of fresh air."
-- Chicago Tribune

"Soothing and ghostly at the same time, the loops, melodies and guitars wash over you, offering something sonically satisfying, both familiar and strange."

"SuperKnova, is a display of technical prowess and genre blending that is refreshing in the Chicago scene of pop music"
-- These Days

"The result is an intimate record that mixes electro pop elements with psychedelic and indie influences."
--Queer Culture Is...

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