You Folk "The Foil"

  • You Folk

You Folk "The Foil"

released October 4, 2018

The Foil was recorded as:
Daniel Lee- vocals/guitar
Bryan Kingsley- drums
Rebecca Young- bass
Evan Lyman- keys/guitar

Bass on "Endearment" played by Ben Zuckermann
"Dwindler" co-written with and includes vocals/guitar by Mike Walker (Nature's Neighbor)

Recorded and produced by American Wolf
Mixed and mastered by Chuck Kawal
Artwork by Daniel Harris

Drums for "Dwindler" recorded by Luke Otwell, at Wall of Sound
Bass for "Dwindler", "Nolo Contendere", and "Future In Motion" recorded by Bryan Kingsley, as well as some guitars for "Nolo Contendere", and "Future In Motion"

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