Devon Kay & The Solutions "Achilles Feels" [SOLD OUT]

  • Devon Kay & The Solutions

Devon Kay & The Solutions "Achilles Feels" [SOLD OUT]

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Achilles Feels: Alternate Versions of Songs We Wrote When I Was Hurt

From the desk of Devon Kay:
In mid-2019 I messed up my ankle pretty good. Well…. At Riot Fest 2018 I messed up my ankle jumping off my amp at the Chrome Industries store. It was cool but the pain kept going after the set and late into the night. I woke up screaming. I had to play the main stage the next day and wasn’t about to listen to my body. I put that off for a bit and when we recorded the “Anything At All” video my ankle unraveled.
My doctors visit was less than enjoyable… See the song “What Wonders Life Has in Store” because it is verbatim what happened. The power went out. They almost denied me cause my money wouldn’t go through. IT SOMEHOW went through with the power out. I was told unless I had insurance, I was meant to live in pain… I had been laid off a week prior so my healthcare was gone… It was a low point. A point I haven’t fully recovered from.
I used my off time and limited mobility to record as many usable versions of songs in varying tempos and styles. I had no intention for the release except to make one. My loving and supportive band recorded all their parts at their home studios. Which is crazy because half the time they were going off unfinished work files/whacky arrangements that later got scrapped. Either way we banded together and made something really special.
Ryan Scottie edited it. Alex Meylink & Erik Atwell mixed and mastered it. They are in Telethon. Telethon is a very important band you need to listen to. I am honored they dealt with my last-minute bullshit.
Oh yea… the final product was hobbled together in like a week. A week of my emailing Alex frantically with dumb useless mixing adjustments. Erik mastered it on New Years Eve….. like… DOWN TO THE WIRE!
My loving friend Dylan Wachman from Dollar Signs made the artwork and gave us the blessing to use Shallow Pop Songs….
In short I’m thankful this exists. It means a lot to me to start the new decade off with something I am extremely proud of.
Thank you.
I love you.
Be Safe. Be Cool.
- Devon Kay & the Solutions
released January 1, 2020

Mixed & Mastered by Stillwave Studios
Mixed by Alex Meylink
Mastered by Erik Atwell
Edited by Ryan Scottie

Artwork by Dylan Wachman
Shallow Pop Songs appears thanks to Dollar Signs

Devon Kay & the Solutions
Devon Kay - Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica
Ryan Scottie - Drums/Vocals
Jacob Horn - Trombone
Jake Levinson - Bass
Ian Terry - Trumpet
Joram Zbichorski - Keys/Vocals

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